International QSO at XRF250B

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International QSO at XRF250B

Post by R3ABM » 01 Dec 2013, 23:23

Today we seen very long QSO with N1JMM and M0ZZM. Guys, it was fun!
We glad to meet any D-STAR operators in the world to our reflector. :)
You are welcome!

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Re: International QSO at XRF250B

Post by M0ZZM » 04 Jan 2014, 01:43


I do listen in the reflector from time to time, but unfortunately my Russian is rather poor. I am trying to learn it in my own time and the reflector is great help. I was in Moscow a few days ago, I tried a few of the local gateways but probably I was too far from them to make contact. Only one FM repeater made it to the area where I was (Arbat/Smolenskaya) on 435.500 but I couldn't find split and CTCSS details.

I conclude with some sad news: Jim N1JMM, one of the people who greatly contributed to make the G4KLX D-STAR software what it is today and who was always keen to help in the spirit of our hobby, passed away unexpectedly a few days after that QSO.

I'll be again in the Domodedovo area on 6th Jan and will try my luck again on D-STAR.
Raul M0ZZM

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